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100% digital flows with Pagero

Regardless of whether you are a buyer or supplier, you can achieve 100% digital flows across both your inbound and outbound communication from day one with Pagero. We offer your business partners multiple connection options, so that you can handle your entire flow electronically through a single channel, no matter how your business partners choose to operate.

For businesses with digital capabilities

For business partners with digital capabilities, Pagero offers connectivity through various communication protocols such as SFTP, AS2 and AS4, across a broad number of structured formats, such as XML and EDIFACT. Suppliers can send and receive electronic order and invoice documents from their existing systems to Pagero Online, using any format they prefer. Our platform automatically converts and validates their documents before forwarding them to your existing ERP or system, meaning you can receive all your documents electronically, in any format you require.

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For non-digital businesses

In case your business partners do not have digital capabilities, Pagero helps you achieve digital communication through a number of options:

  • Pagero Free, our free, easy-to-use web portal that enables your business partners to manage a limited number of e-documents per month;

  • Our regular web portal without restrictions to the number of handled e-documents;
  • Optical character recognition (OCR) capability with our Pagero Data Capture service;
  • PDF via email; and
  • Printing and distribution services

Supplier and customer on-boarding

Our multi-lingual on-boarding team has years of experience helping connect global businesses and their partners. Operating across multiple time zones, our team can on-board all your business partners with the connection method that suits them best, getting your digital operations running as quickly as possible and without hassle.

Better insights for better performance

With 100% touchless operations, you can harness the true value of reporting and analytics tools. Accurate data and automated enrichment and validation enable better business insights for better decision-making and performance.

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