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Get the latest news and updates on e-invoicing, e-ordering, e-archiving and indirect tax regulatory requirements.

Get the latest news and updates on e-invoicing, e-ordering, e-archiving and indirect tax regulatory requirements for Sweden.
June 3 2024

Swedish Trafikverket requires digital environmental data reporting for procurement in the transport sector

Since 15 March 2024, the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket) has required their contracted suppliers to report environmental data using e-delivery notes.

February 10 2023

Sweden takes closer steps towards mandatory e-invoicing

The Agency of Digital Government (DIGG), along with The Swedish Companies Registration Office (Bolagsverket) and the Tax Agency (Skatteverket), have submitted a formal request to the Swedish government to investigate the conditions for adopting mandatory e-invoicing in the B2B and G2B sectors.

February 11 2022

Sweden is evaluating options for digitalizing VAT-related processes

Sweden is evaluating the developments within e-invoicing and transaction-based reporting space, formulating crucial questions for future goals.

April 12 2021

DIGG introduces new regulations for public authorities

The Swedish Agency for Digital Government (DIGG) has announced the rules that apply to public agencies on electronic procurement, including its electronic information exchange and common standards. They have entered into force on 1 March 2021.

September 28 2020

SFTI phases out older standards in favour of Peppol BIS Billing 3.0

As part of an initiative to push forward with a global standard for e-invoicing, SFTI will phase out Svefaktura and other standards in favour of Peppol BIS Billing 3.0.

Country Specifications

E-Invoicing/CTC Model:

– B2G: Peppol

– B2B: Post-audit

Mandatory Infrastructure:

– B2G: Peppol

– B2B: N/A

Mandatory Format:

– B2G: Peppol BIS

– B2B: N/A

Mandatory for Issuing:

– B2G: Suppliers to all contracting authorities

– B2B: no explicit requirements

Mandatory for Receiving:

– B2G: All contracting authorities

– B2B: Buyer’s consent required


Not Required

Archiving Period:

– Movable property: 7 years

– Immovable property: 7 years.  17 years if the adjustment scheme is used.

Archiving Abroad:

Allowed under conditions

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