Pagero and Medius: A smart network for smart businesses

November 1, 2021

Written by: Juliana Marulanda

Pagero and Medius formed a strategic partnership focused on delivering the best single-solution for e-invoicing.

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In 2021, Pagero and Medius, a global provider of cloud-based spend management solutions, formed a strategic partnership focused on delivering the best single-solution for e-invoicing. Within a few short months, Medius was able to offer its customers access to some of the world’s most innovative capabilities, ensuring they had the right data at the right time and in the right format – all through a single, integrated solution. Over the last years, the partnership has evolved to cover more territories and to support new country legislations as they roll out.

Partnership facts

Partnership start: January 2021
Services: E-invoice, EDI, Compliance, Peppol
Territories: The solution is offered in Europe, United States, and APAC

The smart choice

In 2020, propelled by global expansion, Medius began the search for a business partner that could not only support its vision of supplying the best spend management solution but also understand the bigger picture: the value of data for every aspect of a business’s operations.

“Our goal is to help our customers manage their spend and make smarter business decisions,” explains Katarina Andersson, VP Capture Product at Medius. “That commitment to data-driven decisions and benchmarking is at the core of our business. So, when searching for a partner to help provide the best solution for our customers, selecting a smart network meant teaming with a partner that understood the importance of accurate data and real-time visibility from the very beginning. The choice to partner with Pagero just made sense,” Andersson continues.


What is a smart business network?

Smart networks act as gatekeepers to the systems and processes that businesses may be using. Predetermined business rules validate data before it enters the system and is actioned. For businesses operating across multiple markets, smart networks can track and ensure local compliance by validating and enriching outgoing data, alleviating a significant burden and cost for businesses.

A one-stop-shop for AP Automation

When selecting a partner, user experience and simplicity were central to the Medius assessment and selection process.

“These days, customers do not want a standalone workflow and a disconnected capture solution, but a single, seamless user experience. That is what we can provide now, powered by the Pagero partnership,” says Andersson. “Just like we wanted a partner that would allow us to focus on our core business while offering a full, best-of-breed service, our customers and their accounts payable departments want to focus on what they are good at: processing documents, paying on time and seizing discounts, regardless of whether invoices come to them electronically, as PDFs or on paper,” she explains.

“Perhaps more importantly, they want a solution that is easy to implement, without the need to involve the IT department or fundamentally up-end all their business processes,” adds Andersson. “And that’s what Pagero offers – a single, easy-to-use solution that addresses all of a customer’s spend management, automation and e-invoicing needs” she says.

“One of the features our customers love most,” continues Andersson, “is the ability to easily transform one format into another, such as making e-invoices (EDI, XML) look like a PDF or industry-standard format and validate the accuracy of the invoice. It makes it easier for their AP staff to process and handle invoices while saving time and money.”

These days, customers do not want a standalone workflow and a disconnected capture solution, but a single, seamless user experience. That is what we can provide now, powered by the Pagero partnership

Katarina Andersson, VP Capture Product, Medius


Partner with Pagero: Help your customers go 100% digital

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Going global, staying compliant by partnering with an expert

Compliance is a key component of our strategic positioning as we expand internationally,” notes Andersson. “It can be a complex subject, but Pagero has simplified it through their products and services, as well as with their direct support to our pre-sales, sales, and marketing teams. That is the advantage of partnering with highly knowledgeable experts and leaders in the field,” she points out.

“As we continue expansion into the American markets and beyond, the Pagero Network gives us truly global reach,” adds Andersson.

The world of e-invoicing compliance and CTC (Continuous Transaction Controls) is fast-moving and the true challenge for businesses is not only becoming but remaining compliant. In this ever-changing scenario, Pagero and Medius solution is built to evolve and expand to help customers with new electronic invoicing mandates as they are announced and implemented by governments around the world. Support for upcoming mandates in Poland and Serbia are just a few examples of recent developments to the joint solution that ensure Medius customers comply with local regulations everywhere they do business.

Unlocking the power of data

As a data-driven organisation, Medius’s choice to partner with Pagero in their mission to building the world’s largest, open, smart business network, was easy.

“Our customers access quality data, end-to-end reporting and statistics just by logging in to Medius. They save time and money because the data is there, accurate and in real time, from the beginning,” adds Andersson.

“Customers can also keep track of how many invoices were electronic, paper or PDFs, which guides decisions on investing in new solutions or reassigning staff and resources to more strategic tasks,” states Andersson. “All of this is hard to achieve if you have inaccurate data, information scattered across different systems, or if you can’t access that data until the end of the reporting cycle,” Andersson explains . “The ability to put this information in our customers’ hands when they need it is what makes our partnership so great.”

Compliance can be a complex subject, but Pagero has simplified it for us.

Katarina Andersson, VP Capture Product, Medius, Medius


An alliance for now and the future

Andersson goes on to explain: “People forget that the internet is not the cloud. Just because you can access a service online doesn’t mean that it is truly cloud-based. Despite being in the early stages of our partnership, Pagero’s commitment to its cloud-based network has enabled us to remain agile as business needs change. It also allows for the roll out of new functionalities seamlessly, with zero downtime for users.”

“With companies needing to be increasingly flexible and adaptable to the changing business environment, Pagero’s platform and services give us confidence that we’ll be able to meet the needs of our customers today, as well as into the future,” she concludes.

This blog article was originally published in November 2021 and updated in August 2023.


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