AP Automation solutions

Improve cash flow visibility and achieve straight-through processing with a 100% digital accounts payable process. Pagero’s AP Automation solutions make it easy.

Elevate AP with supplier connectivity and invoice automation

Accounts payable is better connected. Integrating your financial system with the Pagero Network lets you receive all your invoices digitally from your entire supplier base — from day one. Not only do you get more control over company spend, this connectivity enables smart automations that ensure your suppliers get paid on time and in the right amount, every time.


Connect to one of the world's largest networks of suppliers to easily receive supplier e-invoices.

EDI 2.0

Experience frictionless document exchange — receive supplier invoices regardless of their format, document type or special requirements.

Managed OCR

Paper and PDF invoices are automatically scanned, verified and imported electronically.

The advantages of AP automation with Pagero

Seamless connectivity

Connect to your supplier’s financial system without changing your current systems or processes.

Straight-through processing

Eliminate manual processing of supplier invoices thanks to automation.


Our automation solutions grow with your business’s ever-evolving needs.

Built-in compliance

Fulfill local e-invoice and tax regulations worldwide.

Add-ons for a smoother Accounts Payable process

Streamline your invoice approval process with Pagero Invoice Audit

Add a layer of validation to your invoices before uploading them to your system.

  • Accept/reject
  • Automatic invoice validation
  • Automatic invoice correction
  • Price list validation
  • Historical price comparison

Dig deeper into AP Automation

Webinar: AP Automation with Pagero

We explain the benefits of digitalising and automating your AP process and how Pagero help our customers reach their goals.

E-book: Expert tips for accounts payable automation

Our extensive e-book will guide you through a range of AP solutions and help you plan and execute a successful accounts payable automation project.

Blog: What is AP Automation?

Find out more about how automated supplier invoicing can benefit your business and learn some considerations for getting started.

Expert guidance from our on-demand webinars

Navigating your AP journey – tips, strategies and insights

How do you build a strong business case for AP automation? In this webinar, co-presented with the Hackett Group, we review the essential KPIs and methodologies that can help you best pitch, structure and evaluate an AP automation project.

The AP journey for manufacturing organizations

In this webinar, tailored for the manufacturing industry, you'll learn the essential steps that will move your AP department closer to achieving touchless invoice processing, as well as how to determine the ideal tech stack for your organization. 

Customize your solution with a wide range of features and add-ons

Supplier onboarding? Leave it to us!

Onboarding suppliers is an important step in a successful accounts payable automation project. We offer fully managed supplier onboarding — a service tailored to the strategies and goals of your business.

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How we help companies with Accounts Payable Automation

Book a personal introduction to Pagero's AP Automation solutions

Learn how you can automate your supplier invoicing and streamline operations.

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Automate your supplier invoicing with Pagero

Our platform can help you significantly reduce invoicing handling costs and unlock new opportunities with valuable, real-time data.
  • Streamline your accounts payable process
  • Automate manual AP tasks
  • Get all your suppliers onboard your digital transformation

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