Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Remove the need for most manual administration of invoice and sales order processing with Pagero’s Managed OCR solution and enable accounting staff to focus on more value-added tasks.

Intelligent data capture

Pagero’s Managed OCR technology goes beyond scanning business documents. It facilitates seamless communication between invoice and sales order data to your system, helping you achieve better visibility, control and touchless processing.

Benefits of Pagero’s Managed OCR solution


Turn your invoice process 100% digital from day one


Achieve complete and accurate invoice data


Eliminate the need for most manual administration by accounting staff


Automate emailed invoice receipt and data capture

How Pagero’s Managed OCR Solution works

Pagero Data Capture

Pagero’s Managed OCR solution, also known as Pagero Data Capture, communicates more relevant data to your ERP or financial system by scanning invoice data down to line-level rather than to header-level only, as seen with most traditional optical character recognition software. Our 3-step quality enhancement feature includes a fully managed data review process so your team can focus on what matters most.

Intro to OCR for invoice and order automation

Watch our webinar to get an overview of optical character recognition, learn how it works, why it’s relevant, and ultimately, who benefits from this technology.

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What is OCR?

OCR is a technology that automatically converts scanned documents into digital text files. But how do you choose the best solution for your organization? Read our blog article to learn how best-in-class companies are automating invoice entry, and utilizing optical character recognition to help achieve their digital transformation goals.

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Streamline operations with Pagero's Managed OCR solution

Learn how your invoice and sales order process can become 100% digital from day one.
  • Achieve true automation of your AP and AR processes
  • Improve data accuracy
  • Increase visibility and control over spend

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