E-invoicing and CTC compliance in LATAM

Comply with all local e-invoicing and CTC regulations across the entire Latin American market with Pagero’s single solution — powered by Gosocket.

Latin America: an e-invoicing pioneer with complex requirements

LATAM is considered the world’s most advanced region in electronic invoicing and has been instrumental in the global development of e-invoicing regulations and the fight against tax evasion. Pagero’s solution for e-invoicing in Latin America helps you navigate the highly demanding and ever-changing regulatory landscape in 15 countries, and enables you to easily comply with their individual requirements.

Large region

Home to over 660 million people

High complexity

Large tax regime with strict reporting standards

High uncertainty

Continuously changing laws and regulations

Low automation

Widespread use of systems that require manual keying of data 

Streamline e-invoicing in LATAM with the help of a local expert

Gosocket is the leading B2B platform in Latin America for the electronic exchange of documents based on digital signature. In 2021, Pagero became the majority owner of Gosocket, as another step towards building the world’s largest open network for automated business transactions. Today, the two platforms complement each other to provide boosted capabilities in regulatory compliance, B2B, B2C and Point of Sale (POS) transactions. Ensure your compliance with e-invoicing regulations anywhere you’re doing business in LATAM with the help of Gosocket and the Pagero Network.

Why choose Pagero for e-invoicing in Latin America?

Two-way documents

Both inbound and outbound documents in a single solution

Operational stability

A state-of-the-art, stable platform you can rely on

Experienced team

An experienced regional team with 20+ years of experience

24/7 support

Help around the clock from our Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking team

On-demand webinar: Unlock e-invoicing compliance in Latin America

In this session, experts from Pagero discuss the upcoming mandates in the LATAM region, explore the latest insights and lay out how you can prepare your business for the changes introduced.

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Blog: CTC models in the Americas

An introduction to the e-invoicing and CTC landscape in the region. Get an overview of continuous transaction controls, business automation and differences between countries.

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The latest regulatory updates

Read up on news about indirect tax, CTC, e-invoicing, and e-archiving requirements in each country across Latin America.

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