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Doka has found a service provider to expand with – all over the world

“Pagero meets our requirements perfectly, and we believe that we can keep expanding with them throughout the world.” Read the full Doka customer case!
The Doka Group is one of the world’s leading companies for developing, manufacturing and distributing modern system formwork technology. Doka has more than 160 sales and logistics facilities in over 70 countries and around 6000 employees worldwide, with headquarters situated in Austria. Doka uses Pagero’s services to send e-invoices in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Austria and Italy, so far. By using Pagero’s services, they have been able to fulfil all legal requirements in Europe, while also saving money, the environment and meeting customer requests for e-invoicing.

One service provider – worldwide

“What we wanted was a service provider that we can use all over the world, starting with the European market. As we were among the first in our branch of global players to transition to e-invoicing, we had more freedom to choose which service provider we want to use. Pagero meets our requirements perfectly, and we believe that they are a company we can keep expanding with throughout the world as the market develops,” says Helmut Stritzinger, Head of Development, Commercial Office Management, Doka.


Cost savings/invoice


Yearly turnover


Employees worldwide

We are not interested in having several service providers in various countries, we only want one partner that can manage all our invoices across the world.


“We are not interested in having several service providers in various countries, we only want one partner that can manage all our invoices across the world. We want to build up only one standardized interface between our ERP system and our service provider, and to connect all our customers and legal entities in all countries. This is the challenge of our service provider. This is also why we chose Pagero, and so far they have been able to fulfill all legal requirements and challenges we have encountered. Our plan is to obtain a global outbound e-invoice flow, before we move on to inbound e-invoicing with Pagero somewhere in the future,” Mr. Stritzinger says.

Strengthened customer relations at lower costs

“The effect that Pagero’s services has had to our company group is firstly to strengthen the relation with our customers. The second effect is strengthening the process of our invoice handling and to reduce costs. We have been able to reduce printing costs, postal costs and handling time, and therefore we can focus on our core business even better now. Sending invoices is not our business, and now our staff can concentrate on what we specialize in and let Pagero handle that part,” Mr. Stritzinger explains.

“In Sweden for example, we are sending more than one third of our invoices electronically. Our rental invoices sometimes consist of between 100-250 pages per invoice. One printed invoice of this size costs us around 8 Euro and with Pagero it costs around 1.50 Euro including costs of processing and everything else, so it is safe to say that we save money with Pagero’s services. Not to mention the environmental aspect as well, where we can reduce our CO2 emissions by reducing transports and reduce the consumption of paper each year by sending our invoices electronically.”

Meeting Doka’s requirements

“It is of huge importance to Doka to have good long-term relationships with our business partners, and this is also our goal with Pagero. Pagero is a young company and they are heading in exactly the right direction. We feel that we have chosen a service provider that can meet our requirements, and we can absolutely recommend Pagero and their services! ” Mr. Stritzinger says.

(To read the complete Doka customer case, download PDF.)

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