Expert guide: E-invoice compliance for Shared Service Centers

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Continue your journey towards regulatory compliance with our expert guide! Here, you will get an introduction to the driving forces behind e-invoice mandates and best practices for you as a Shared Service Center. Upon downloading you can also request a country-specific compliance report, and opt to subscribe to our Compliance Monitor for monthly updates.

The guide covers:

  • How e-invoice mandates impact your business

  • Main e-invoicing and CTC models in the world

  • 6 best practices for Shared Service Centers and other global finance teams

  • How Pagero can help

The benefits of our Compliance Monitor:

  • Get monthly updates sent directly to your inbox

  • Stay ahead of government mandates

  • Read compliance news from around the world

Country Compliance Report:

  • Receive a report with the latest news and updates on e-invoicing and tax requirements for a selected country.

Document length
12 pages

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