Mandatory e-invoicing in Poland - KSeF

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In January 2024, the Ministry of Finance announced a deferment of the National System of
e-Invoicing (KSeF) mandate. Despite this delay, it is crucial to acknowledge that the system will eventually come into force. Therefore, taking proactive measures to facilitate a seamless transition to e-invoicing and ensure effective integration with KSeF remains vitally important.

This guide provides you with fast facts on KSeF, what it is and what you need to keep in mind, in order to comply with the e-invoicing mandate. It will also help you prepare for areas that KSeF will not support such as receiving incoming invoices from foreign contractors, sending attachments or distributing invoices to recipients. Those flows will also have to be appropriately taken care of outside of it.

Key learnings:

  • KSeF in a nutshell

  • What do you need to comply with?

  • Benefits & challenges related with KSeF

  • How to choose a right service provider

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