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E-invoicing in France: Ensuring full compliance

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In this webinar, our panel of expert e-invoicing compliance specialists review the current landscape under France's e-invoicing mandate. We explore the implementation schedule in depth, reflecting on the most recent updates and any adjustments to the existing legal and compliance frameworks.

We also discuss key topics such as the technical details of France's new e-invoicing system, potential obstacles companies might encounter during implementation, and effective strategies to address these challenges. Additionally, we provide actionable guidance to help your organization prepare for the approaching compliance deadlines.

What you will learn from this webinar:

  • Overview of France's e-invoicing mandate updates

  • Detailed timeline and recent regulatory changes

  • Technical specifications of the new system

  • Strategies for overcoming implementation challenges

  • Tips for optimizing compliance and avoiding penalties

  • Live Q&A

45 minutes


Emil Olsson

Regulatory Associate, Pagero

Bérénice Le Gallo

Account Manager, France, Pagero

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