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E-invoicing in Poland: developments, impacts and what you need to know

In this session, we dug into the latest updates on the countrywide e-invoicing system (KSeF) mandate, providing insights into the impact of these changes on global business. You will learn how to tackle some of the key challenges, stay compliant and gain valuable how-to's.

  • Global Digital Landscape

    We discussed the latest trends, emerging technologies, and their impact on businesses worldwide.

  • Roadmap of Cooperation

    Examples presenting how the collaboration between Client, IT provider and tax advisor plays a pivotal role in achieving success in e-invoicing implementation projects.

  • E2E Compliance - VAT, TAX, e-Invoicing

    Understand the intricacies of end-to-end compliance, focusing on workflow of documents on the sale and purchase side in KSeF model.

  • Key Challenges and How-To's

    Common challenges faced by businesses in e-invoicing implementation projects relating to KSeF.

90 minutes


Andrzej Pijanowski

Country Manager, Pagero

Maik Hinz

Direct Sales, Pagero

Norbert Wasilewski

Partner Associate, Deloitte

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