Pagero Online – the platform

Pagero Online – the platform

We are constantly working on improving and extending the support for business processes and ensuring that our customers are compliant with laws and regulations in all countries where they operate.

We are also spending lots of resources on improving tests, effectiveness of development and architectural changes to secure a modern and scalable platform for our customers. Below you can read more about how we work and what benefits it gives to our customers.

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Open network

When we started out designing and building Pagero Online, most service providers delivered a platform for setting up connections that were expensive point-to-point implementations. We went in the direct opposite direction with Pagero Online. This strategy has led to Pagero Online becoming one of the leading service providers, providing customers with the following benefits:

  • Self-service platform for connecting with other businesses
  • Format library free of charge
  • A platform delivering huge network reach, including businesses behind both Pagero Online and other service providers
  • Reasonable cost when connecting to businesses requiring unknown format syntaxes or communication protocols

Automated testing

Providing our customers with a high-quality service has been one of the most important tasks since Pagero Online was first developed. We secure all services in Pagero Online with several different types of automated tests. Over time, as the need for manual verification is limited, these tests have also provided us with much faster delivery of new features.

Continuous Delivery and Microservices

Continuous Delivery allows us to release several times a day instead of releasing sets of changes every couple of weeks. The reason for this is that we want to introduce new features in small steps to make it easier for the customers to learn the changes. In addition, it gives us faster feedback on improvements needed.

One way of achieving continuous delivery is by splitting the platform into smaller services and not running everything as one large service. This approach is called Microservices Architecture. Thanks to this, new services can be introduced and existing ones can be updated without affecting the currently running services.

Automated configuration management

We have removed all the manual configuration and setup on our servers to provide our customers with a higher quality of services, since identical test and production environments make it easier to ensure that features are tested with the same conditions as in production.

Monitoring and statistics

We constantly pinpoint areas for improvement by looking at trends and provide fast recovery if problems occur. In addition, we analyse features usage and improve features to better fit the way our customers actually use them.

Zero downtime and feature toggles

We have implemented a zero-downtime policy which gives our customers one great benefit: a platform that is always up and running.

A technique called feature toggle helps us to update and test features on a few selected customers and to test alternative versions of a feature to see which performs best in practical use.

Partnerships and APIs

We want to give our customers a seamless way of interacting with their business partners via our services. For this reason, we are focusing on building APIs for our customers and partners.

Customers might want to automate or streamline some of their processes to make their company more efficient. ERP vendors can incorporate our services as part of the business process, providing their customers with the full reach of the Pagero Online network as well as the full extent of the services we offer as part of their normal work experience.

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Pagero Online is a mature SaaS platform that has become one of the major providers of O2C and P2P services.

Bård Langöy, CTO, Pagero Group

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No matter which system we use or how we have chosen to modify it, there has never been a problem integrating the system with Pagero’s services.

Anja Vaaja, Administration Manager, Kovanen Yhtiöt Oy

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