We help you to succeed

We help you to succeed

We not only offer services for streamlining business processes, but also a delivery organisation that helps our customers to achieve the goals they set with their investments.

Analyses and pre-studies

Our customer Integration team helps with analyses and pre-studies relating to, for example, formats and local regulations. Their work is critical to many of our customers who want to manage electronic flows in several countries. The team also helps to create solutions that are as efficient and maintenance-free as possible. In consultation with our customers, they assess and recommend the best possible arrangement for communications, error management, file management, formats, enrichments and validations.

Some examples of pre-studies we can help with:

  • Is the desired format right for the purpose?
  • Is any information missing that is required in the relevant countries?
  • Is the requested format one that the customer can grow with?
  • Which legal requirements apply?
  • Which legal requirements will apply in the future?

Format administration

Our customers do not need to consider the formats used by their business partners, as we make sure that all documents sent via Pagero Online will be converted to a format the recipient can handle.

We make sure that the updates required by the various formats are implemented and that all flows continue to work as they should. At present, our delivery organisation handles more than 350 formats.

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Our goal is to deliver high quality solutions in a customer-focused, efficient and professional manner that gives our customers a service that is sustainable over time.

Helena Stolpe, VP Delivery, Pagero
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They keep their promises. Pagero has been excellent and they are always ready to promptly answer our questions.

Ana Jiménez, Head of internal control processes, ABB S.A.

Help getting started

When you choose our services, we provide startup help by going through Pagero Online and showing you how the service works. We then help you to get underway and make sure that the transaction flow works as it should.

Building your network

Once you start using our services, it is important to maximise the flow of electronic transactions. It is only then that you will be able to streamline your company’s flows and achieve the full benefits of our services. You can do the work yourself or let us handle it:

Self-service – do-it-yourself

Pagero’s self-service feature is available in Pagero Online for all our customers. You gain free access to a network that consists of millions of companies all over the world. Just type in the name of the company you want to communicate with, send a request to them and once they have accepted, you can start communicating.

Customer/supplier activation – we do the work for you

Not all organisations have the time or resources to contact their customers or suppliers to get them to start using electronic flows. Especially when it comes to international flows, the requisite work can be very extensive. Our activation team has many years of experience in helping our customers to activate their business partners all over the world and they can do this on your behalf too.

The following is included in an activation project:

  • Designated project manager at Pagero
  • Project plan with time and scope
  • Information mailings to concerned business partners
  • Activation of concerned business partners
  • Close dialogue and regular reports

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