The advantages of supplier onboarding for e-invoicing

June 20, 2023

Written by: Tamara Viña

In today's business landscape, e-invoicing solutions have become increasingly popular among companies looking to streamline their account payables processes. However, selecting the right e-invoicing solution is not the only consideration that businesses need to make. They must also ensure that their suppliers are onboarded properly in order to maximize the benefits of using e-invoicing.

What is supplier onboarding?

Supplier onboarding is a series of steps a business takes to bring a new supplier into their system, set them up for invoicing, and ensure they understand the process for submitting invoices. When it comes to e-invoicing, a proper onboarding process is crucial to ensuring that the supplier can submit invoices electronically and that those invoices are processed efficiently.

Why is supplier onboarding important for e-invoicing?

One of the most significant benefits of e-invoicing is the reduction in manual data entry required to process invoices. However, if suppliers are not properly onboarded this can lead to errors and delays and can ultimately defeat the purpose of using e-invoicing in the first place. A well-designed supplier onboarding process can mitigate these risks and ensure that suppliers submit accurate and timely invoices.

Another advantage of a good supplier onboarding process is that it can help to establish clear communication channels between the business and its suppliers. This can be particularly important for companies that work with many suppliers, as it can be challenging to manage communication with each one individually. By establishing a standard onboarding process, businesses can communicate their expectations and requirements to all suppliers upfront, thus minimizing the potential for confusion or misunderstandings down the line.

Many suppliers may be hesitant to move away from traditional paper-based invoicing methods, so a well-designed onboarding process can educate suppliers on the benefits of e-invoicing and make the transition as seamless as possible.

What are the benefits of supplier onboarding? (For your business and the supplier)

Your benefits from supplier onboarding

  • Efficiency: E-invoicing enables companies to automate the accounts payable process, thus saving time and reducing errors. Supplier onboarding ensures that all suppliers are using the same system, thus reducing the need for manual data entry and simplifying the invoice approval process.

  • Better Control: With e-invoicing, companies have greater visibility into their accounts payable process. By onboarding suppliers, companies can ensure that all invoices are properly authorized and tracked, thus improving overall financial control.

  • Tax-exempt domestic transactions;

  • Better Cash Flow: E-invoicing enables faster processing and payment of invoices, thus improving the company’s cash flow. By onboarding suppliers, companies can ensure that all invoices are submitted in a timely manner, further improving cash flow.

Benefits of onboarding for the suppliers

  • Faster Payment: E-invoicing enables faster processing and payment of invoices, thus improving suppliers’ cash flow. By onboarding suppliers onto an e-invoicing system, companies can ensure that suppliers are paid in a timely manner.

  • Better Visibility: E-invoicing gives suppliers better visibility into their invoices' status. By onboarding suppliers, companies can provide suppliers with access to the system, thus enabling them to track the status of their invoices and payments.

  • Improved Relationships: By streamlining the invoicing process and reducing errors, onboarding suppliers onto an e-invoicing system can improve supplier relationships. This can increase trust and lead to better collaboration between the company and its suppliers.

Are there any legal or regulatory requirements to consider during supplier onboarding for e-invoicing?

There are legal and regulatory requirements to consider during supplier onboarding for e-invoicing. The specific requirements may vary depending on the country or region where the supplier operates. We recommend consulting with legal professionals or regulatory authorities to ensure compliance with the specific requirements applicable to your situation. At Pagero, we have a Regulatory Affairs department that helps customers keep up to date with e-invoicing compliance worldwide.

Reap the benefits of supplier onboarding

Supplier onboarding plays a vital role in e-invoicing accounts payable projects, offering many benefits for both companies and their suppliers. By adopting an e-invoicing solution and effectively onboarding suppliers, organizations can enhance efficiency, exercise better control, and optimize cash flow. Simultaneously, suppliers can also reap advantages from this collaborative approach. By embracing e-invoicing and fostering strong partnerships, the company and its suppliers can transform their financial operations, thus improving overall performance and growth.


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