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Get the latest news and updates on e-invoicing, e-ordering, e-archiving and indirect tax regulatory requirements.

Get the latest news and updates on e-invoicing, e-ordering, e-archiving and indirect tax regulatory requirements for Singapore.
July 8 2024

Singapore implements Invoice Response for B2G invoices

The Accounting General Department (AGD) has introduced the Invoice Response document, which allows B2G suppliers to receive real-time status updates for e-invoices sent via InvoiceNow (Peppol).

April 29 2024

Singapore and New Zealand formalized their working relationship on e-invoicing

On 15 April 2024, the Prime Ministers of both countries signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA), advancing the adoption and standardization of e-invoicing in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region.

April 16 2024

Singapore introduces a phased CTC e-invoicing obligation from 1 November 2025

Singapore launches GST InvoiceNow Requirement to adopt Peppol invoices for B2B transactions. GST-registered businesses will need to transmit invoice data to the government via InvoiceNow. Newly incorporated companies that voluntarily register for GST to report e-invoices must comply as of 1 November 2025.

March 5 2024

Pagero Peppol-Ready accreditation renewed for seamless e-invoicing in Singapore

Pagero Online has successfully renewed its Peppol-Ready accreditation, confirming that our solution has met mandatory and preferred criteria.

February 9 2024

Specifications update for PINT-SG

Singapore has released the new Peppol Interoperability Naming and Technical Standard Singapore (PINT-SG)  Specification and announced its implementation timeline.

November 29 2023

Singapore plans local PINT format implementation

Singapore aims to shift to local Peppol PINT in a gradual roll-out scheme, and the new specification is yet to be published during the first quarter of 2024. 

October 12 2023

Pagero is compliant with the newly proposed PASR in Singapore

A draft of the Peppol Authority Specific Requirements in Singapore is under review for approval by the Singaporean Peppol Authority Managing Committee. Pagero already fully complies with the changes proposed. 

October 11 2023

Singapore announces adoption of Peppol CTC for enhanced GST administration

As the Forum of Tax Administration (FTA) Plenary will be held 11- 13 October 2023 for the first time in Singapore, the country announces that they will adopt the Peppol CTC as their framework for real-time digital tax controls.

March 24 2023

Singapore plans to make Peppol default e-invoicing method for the public sector

For years, Singapore has offered suppliers in the country the opportunity to issue invoices to public sector customers via the accessible portal “vendors@gov”. However, the government has recently announced plans to move towards more automated processes.

September 6 2022

Singapore improves procurement efficiency with updates in Peppol

The recent updates of e-documents in Singapore bring new opportunities for companies to reduce costs and become more sustainable by moving away from manual workflows.

Country Specifications

E-Invoicing/CTC Model:

– B2G: Peppol

– B2B: Post-Audit

Mandatory Infrastructure:

– B2G: vendors@gov/Peppol

– B2B: N/A

Mandatory Format:

– B2G: Peppol BIS SG

– B2B: N/A

Mandatory for Issuing:

No explicit requirements

Mandatory for Receiving:

Buyer’s consent required


Not required

Archiving Period:

5 years

Archiving Abroad:

Allowed under conditions

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