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Get the latest news and updates on e-invoicing, e-ordering, e-archiving and indirect tax regulatory requirements.

Get the latest news and updates on e-invoicing, e-ordering, e-archiving and indirect tax regulatory requirements for Singapore.
24 March 2023

Singapore plans to make Peppol default e-invoicing method for the public sector

For years, Singapore has offered suppliers in the country the opportunity to issue invoices to public sector customers via the accessible portal “vendors@gov”. However, the government has recently announced plans to move towards more automated processes.

6 September 2022

Singapore improves procurement efficiency with updates in Peppol

The recent updates of e-documents in Singapore bring new opportunities for companies to reduce costs and become more sustainable by moving away from manual workflows.

2 December 2021

The Singaporean government has started sending e-invoices via the Peppol Network

Local Singapore companies joining Peppol aka “InvoiceNow” - a global electronic invoice network - can now receive e-invoices issued by government agencies. This will lead to reducing costs and document processing time.

3 May 2018

Singapore to implement nationwide e-invoicing

Singapore has indicated that the concept of having a nationwide, interoperable e-invoicing framework is gaining momentum.

Country Specifications

E-Invoicing/CTC Model:

– B2G: Peppol

– B2B: Post-Audit

Mandatory Infrastructure:

– B2G: vendors@gov/Peppol

– B2B: N/A

Mandatory Format:

– B2G: Peppol BIS SG

– B2B: N/A

Mandatory for Issuing:

No explicit requirements

Mandatory for Receiving:

Buyer’s consent required


Required in Archiving

Archiving Period:

5 years

Archiving Abroad:

Allowed under conditions

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