E-invoicing for government organisations

Ensure compliance by sending and receiving all of your orders and invoices electronically.

Government suppliers

E-invoicing for Australia and New Zealand

In February 2019, the Australian and New Zealand governments announced a joint effort to implement e-invoicing and adopt the Peppol framework. Australia subsequently mandated e-invoicing for all federal government agencies by July 2022, and the agencies representing 80% of invoices to be live by July 2021. Other government levels and private businesses are expected to soon follow.

Fulfil the requirements and more with Pagero

Our solution supports the entire purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash processes. We set you up so you can send and receive electronic documents no matter what systems you and your suppliers use – including Peppol, email, OCR, portals and more.

Open network

From any ERP system, connect to all your suppliers and their networks with a single connection to Pagero

100% digital

Exchange electronic orders and invoices, regardless of your suppliers’ systems and digital capabilities

Supplier onboarding

Our dedicated Australian team provides fully managed services to get all your suppliers on board

24/7 support

Get started quickly and rely on our technical support teams for assistance whenever you need it

Additional benefits

  • Connect with all common ERPs and third-party software
  • Ensure compliance with Peppol regulations
  • Eliminate repetitive and tedious manual work
  • Speed up invoice processing for early payment discounts
  • Improve supplier relations and bring value to their business

What is an e-invoice?

An e-invoice is an invoice that is issued, transmitted, received, processed and archived electronically using specific document formats. This does not include PDFs sent by email or paper invoices converted to digital formats.

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Local Government

Pagero and the ATO discuss practical steps to improve the local government invoicing process, benefits of e-invoicing and compliance with government regulations.

Federal Government

We discuss what you should consider when looking into e-invoicing and Peppol, and how Pagero can help you meet all government requirements.

Healthcare Sector

Pagero and the ATO discuss the Peppol E-business framework being implemented across Australia and the benefits it can bring healthcare organisations.

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  • Comply with government mandates
  • Automate manual invoicing tasks
  • Get all your suppliers on board your digital transformation

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