B2B e-invoicing in Germany

With compulsory B2B e-invoicing on the horizon in Germany, learn what's expected of your business and how Pagero can help you prepare for the changes ahead of time.

Mandatory B2B e-invoicing on the path to adoption in Germany

Since 2020, e-invoicing for B2G transactions has been a requirement in Germany. By approving the Growth Opportunities Act (Wachstumschancengesetz), the Federal Council is now paving the way for the introduction of mandatory electronic invoicing in the B2B sector too. The changeover is to take place in two phases from January 2025. As a baseline, German businesses would be required to have the capacity to receive e-invoices by this date. This means that businesses would need to adopt technological solutions such as Pagero's that enable the secure and legally compliant management of genuine e-invoices by the close of this year.

Important dates

1 January 2025

All companies regardless of size or revenue are obligated to receive e-invoices. PDF and non-EN compliant EDI invoices permitted only with buyer's consent.  

1 January 2027

Sending and receiving e-invoices becomes mandatory for businesses with turnover of EUR 800,000. PDF and paper invoices no longer allowed. 

1 January 2028

Sending and receiving e-invoices becomes mandatory for all businesses, regardless of size or revenue. PDF and paper invoices no longer allowed. 

Webinar: Unlock Europe: Solving e-invoicing compliance in 40+ countries

The European e-invoicing landscape is complex and constantly evolving as new mandates are being introduced, including Germany, which is also on the verge of implementing a country-wide B2B e-invoicing. Get top recommendations for multinational businesses operating in the region and make your business future-proof.

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A strategic and flexible approach to e-invoicing with Pagero

Whether your business is ready for an all-encompassing digital transformation now or needs a more incremental, flexible approach to meet compliance standards in Germany, Pagero stands ready to assist. Our technology simplifies the transition to e-invoicing, allowing you to securely exchange documents with your trading partners across our open network, without needing to change your existing ERP system. Pagero's e-invoicing solutions support the conversion of e-invoices to paper, PDF, XML, EDIFACT and X12 — and vice versa — allowing for smooth adaptation as regulations evolve. With two offices in Germany and 30 more worldwide, Pagero is here to support you in achieving constant compliance wherever business takes you.

The advantages of Pagero's e-invoicing solutions


Pagero Online is ISO 27001- and 27701-certified and enables GDPR-compliant transactions


Reach all of your customers and suppliers across Germany and worldwide with a single platform


Benefit from our system's 24/7 uptime, comprehensive customer support and local expertise


Streamline operations and achieve significant cost reductions per invoice with a digital-first approach

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FAQs about B2B e-invoicing in Germany

Comply with Germany's e-invoicing laws

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