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Decoding ViDA: Global Impacts for Multinational Organizations


9:00 - 10:00am CST

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Join our highly educational session on the VAT in the Digital Age initiative, a concept still shrouded in mystery for many global organizations. 

This webinar, co-hosted by sharedserviceslink, aims to dispel common misconceptions about ViDA, shedding light on its impacts for global organizations, and detail how it will revolutionize data handling and digital transactions worldwide.  

This webinar will cover:  

  • An Overview of ViDA – what is it, what are the misconceptions, and how will it impact your business? 

  • The most likely implementation approaches to ViDA – Peppol, 5-corner and hybrid models ViDA pilot by the Nordic Smart Government 

  • 5-corner model gaining traction beyond Europe: UAE and Singapore 



Nazar Paradivskyy

VP of Regulatory Affairs, Pagero

Erik Modh

Regional Manager - North America, Pagero

Sarah Fane

Head of Content, sharedserviceslink

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