On 21 May 2019, the Billentis Report: The E-invoicing Journey 2019-2025 was released. The independent report covers all you need to know about the market development of e-invoicing and e-billing, giving relevant insights about trends and analysis, statistics and best practices. It also includes tips for implementing solutions and the profiles of leading solution providers, including Pagero.

Some key points from the 2019 edition are the following:

  • The global bill and invoice volume for 2019 is estimated to reach 550 billion, with the volume of invoices in the narrow legal sense expected to quadruple by 2035.
  • The main driver for the market development in phase 1 was the private industry, but the public sector is following suit.
  • Next-generation invoice processing technologies is at the forefront of changing the way solutions and processes work, meaning that the invoice processing with its’ high proportion of repetitive and rule-based work is no longer enough and there is a need for broadening the scope.

This year, Pagero has made available a special edition of the report, containing a preface from Bengt Nilsson, CEO at Pagero and other exclusive content. Nilsson writes about the future of digitalisation, how businesses can prepare for a 100 % digital future, and how to be competitive in the innovative and evolving landscape of electronic documents and processes.

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