Pagero is proud to welcome Federico Campomori as Pagero’s Sales & Partner Manager in Italy. As a leading advisor within the tax and e-invoicing industry, Pagero customers and partners will now have access to Federico’s extensive experience to help them fully-utilise the opportunities of Italy’s changing e-invoicing and e-document landscape.

Built with industry experts

Before joining Pagero, Federico was an independent tax & e-invoice consultant, helping many of Italy’s largest enterprises and service providers ensure compliance throughout their finance and administration processes. As one of the most prominent figures in the sector, Federico has also published several printed books and articles on related topics in reputable newspapers such as ‘IlSole24Ore’.

“The dynamic nature of the industry poses a challenge for many Italian enterprises and service providers – that’s why we’re excited to have Federico, as one of the leading industry advisors, join our team,” explains Alexander Jansson, Managing Director Pagero South Europe. “Most businesses operating in Italy recognise that the adoption of e-invoicing and e-documents will only increase, and that it’s in their advantage to get ahead of this digital transformation by partnering with industry experts”.

“My years in the industry have given me an appreciation for the complexity that Italian enterprises face, but it’s exciting to see the opportunities that technology enables”, adds Federico Campomori. “That’s why I’m excited to join Pagero – as a global industry leader, Pagero is uniquely positioned to help Italian and international enterprises adapt to the changing digital landscape and excel both locally and on a global scale.”

Italy’s changing landscape

In January 2019, Italy mandated e-invoicing for all domestic B2B and B2C transactions, in addition to the mandatory B2G e-invoicing that was introduced in 2014. With a 2018 VAT gap of €35 billion, Italy is set to become one of the first countries worldwide to implement e-ordering requirements for companies within the Public Administration.

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