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How to digitalize supplier invoicing with AP automation

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In a constantly shifting macro-economic landscape, listening to the market and adapting rapidly is key. In response, many companies are now replacing legacy systems with cloud-based solutions to support agility, growth, and transformation. In this webinar, Thomas Anderson — AR and AP expert at Pagero — explores the strategic imperative of Accounts Payable automation.  

Understand the wide-ranging impact of AP automation and genuine e-invoicing in today’s disruption-prone business environment and how it can be leveraged as a tool for growth and stability. Learn how Pagero helps organizations seamlessly transition to AP automation and make real impact on their touchless processing rates, cost-per-invoice, data quality and overall operational efficiency.  

The webinar covers:

  • The valuable role AP plays in an enterprise from the executive perspective  

  • The evolution of AP Automation from EDI to today  

  • The impact of automation on invoice processing costs and organizational efficiency 

  • How Pagero’s AP Automation solution helps customers achieve 100% digital invoice handling from day 1  

11 minutes

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