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Invoice compliance camp: 8 essentials US multinationals must know

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Join the Pagero and Medius experts for a panel discussion that addresses and solves the biggest challenges that organizations face with EDI.

Is your business headquartered in the US with an international footprint? If yes, you are undoubtedly facing an intimidating task right now: all international organizations must make sure they’re informed of regulatory changes around the world and prepared to send invoices to their customers in a compliant way, according to these local requirements.

Sounds straightforward. But you’ll quickly discover this business change could be the most disruptive event your billing, finance and tax teams have faced in years.  According to market research, 70% of US multinationals feel they are unprepared for managing these regulatory changes.

This webinar is here to help you on your invoice compliance journey. 

Join us as we examine:

  • The 4 primary compliance models and how they impact your business

  • What the global compliance roadmap looks like and how to prepare

  • The cost of not preparing your organization for local compliance mandates

  • The steps your organization needs to take to become and remain compliant

  • The 8 essentials that you, a US multinational, must know to navigate these changes effectively and efficiently

Governments are recovering $billions in tax revenue by mandating invoice compliance, and new countries are joining the roadmap every year. This highly disruptive event is becoming increasingly complex for US multinationals to navigate, requiring constant analysis, change management, and development within a rapidly evolving landscape.

Register today for a compelling and crucial webinar to learn how your organization can become and stay compliant in any or all of the 80+ countries that either have or are in the process of implementing e-invoice regulations.

55 minutes

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