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Information to suppliers of Alumeco Group

To make our handling of supplier invoices more efficient, Alumeco Group decided to move from paper and PDF invoices to electronic invoices.

This means that Alumeco Group will no longer accept invoices sent by letter or e-mail. Electronic invoices sent from a network service provider and/or the Peppol infrastructure will be accepted (Manual 1-2-1 connections are not an option).

Advantages with electronic invoices

  • Electronic invoices are immediately transmitted, fully traceable and secure, which eliminates the risk of missing invoices and delayed payments.
  • Environmentally friendly – the reduced use of paper helps you meet your environmental goals.

Invoice contents

  • Please state the VAT registration number of the seller and buyer.
  • When an invoice is based on a purchase order, the order number must be specified on item level. The Alumeco Group purchase order number has 9 digits and start with “12”. If possible, please also state the purchase order line number.
  • If a buyer material number/buyer article number can be provided, it is also considered to be useful information.
  • If the invoice is not based on a purchase order, the invoice requires a reference to the buyer contact person at Alumeco Group.
  • Charges/surcharges relating to the complete shipment (e.g. freight, insurance, packaging, toll) should be stated at header level. Charges related to a specific item (e.g. certificate) should be stated at item level.
  • If possible, please include a PDF version of the invoice as an embedded attachment to the EDI invoice.

NB! Please remember that the electronic invoice will replace the printed/PDF invoice, which is why the electronic invoice must include all information demanded by local laws.

Alumeco Group companies, which use electronic invoices

Company VAT number EAN / GLN no.
Alumeco A/SDK198519745790000 83680 2
Aluwind A/SDK321407265790002 47466 8
Metalcenter Group A/SDK320653255790002 47465 1
Alumeco Sverige ABSE5565299590017300009 06059 7
Alumeco Norge ASNO9774997717080004 00586 0
Metallcenter West GmbHDE8129113905790002 52740 1
Alumeco Service GmbHDE2792751404260386 11000 7
Alcobra GMBHDE8148077455790002 52739 5
Metalcenter Group GmbHDE3099861605790002 52726 5
Alumeco Austria GmbHATU676544069110018 01472 0
Alumeco Finland Oy AbFI180875896430071 64999 2
Metalcenter Group Oy AbFI221714686430071 73999 0
Aluteam-Alumeco Sp Z o.o.PL51703083435909000 85361 4
Aluwind Sp Z o.o.PL51703721575909000 85362 1
Alumeco NL BVNL819443566B018719326 42869 7
Alumeco Baltic UABLT1000036006134779049 26000 8