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Pagero Payment Connect and Pagero Payment Convert

To make it easier to pay in euro, the EU has introduced a new standard for euro payments. This standard is called SEPA and applies as from 31 October 2016. This means that all euro payment files must be in the SEPA-format.

Read more about SEPA end date regulation

With Pagero Payment Connect, you can send SEPA-files directly to your company’s bank, providing that it can receive SEPA-files.* If your financial system is not able to create SEPA-files, complement the solution with Pagero Payment Convert, which can help you convert your payment files into the correct format.

Pagero Payment Connect

Pagero Payment Connect is a value-added service that can be combined with our file transfer services. With the help of Pagero Payment Connect, you can send SEPA-files directly to your company’s bank. If you want to use only Pagero Payment Connect, your company must be using a financial system that can create euro payment files in the SEPA-format.

Pagero Payment Convert

If your financial system is not able to create SEPA-files, we recommend the service Pagero Payment Convert, which can be included as a part of Pagero Payment Connect. Pagero Payment Convert will receive your payment files and convert them to the SEPA-format. You do not have to make any changes to your financial system.

*Pagero can send payment files to and receive files from all major banks in Sweden. Connections to other banks are set up on request.

Pagero Payment Server

With Pagero Payment Server, you can administrate the company’s internal approval flow of outbound payments, such as supplier payment files, wage-/salary files and file transfers to your bank or clearing house.

You create the payment files in your financial- or ERP system as usual. The files are then transferred to Pagero Payment Server for approval before they are sent to the clearing house or bank that you are using.

Access to several companies from the same login

Pagero Payment Server is a multi-company solution, which means that you can administrate payment files for different companies via one single login. If there are several system users at your company, it is possible to assign which companies a user will have access to, and set up individual approval rights and monetary limits.

You can also handle retrieval of files

The service also handles retrieval of reporting files and inbound payments. Reporting files are sorted and automatically connected to the right company. You can then import them into your financial or ERP system. All payment files managed via Pagero Payment Server are indexed and made searchable via one single view.

We will customise the service based on your needs

There are great possibilities to customise the service based on the needs of your company when it comes to how the payment process is designed and what features you need. Contact us for more information!

Pagero Auto FTP

Pagero Auto FTP suits companies that are handling many file transfers and need to automate their payment processes or want to be able to convert payment files to ISO20022 SEPA. In that case, we recommend that you complement the solution with our value-added services Pagero Payment Convert and Pagero Payment Connect.

Fully automatic handling of all your payment files

Pagero Auto FTP will be able to automate your company’s administration of payment files thanks to fully automatic communications between your company and your bank or your clearing house.

You create your payment files in your financial- or payroll system as usual and save them in a designated folder on the company server. At set intervals, Pagero Auto FTP will collect files from this folder and transfer them to your bank or clearing house. Reconciliation files from your bank or clearing house can be automatically imported into your system.

There are great possibilities to customise Pagero Auto FTP based on your company’s needs.

Nordea client? Handle Secure Envelope with Pagero!

Are you using Nordea and can create ISO20022 files in accordance with the SEPA End Date Regulation but have problems handling Secure Envelope to seal the files before you send them to the bank? We can take care of it for you!

With Pagero’s payment service, you create the company’s payment files as usual in your financial system and save them in a designated folder. With predefined time intervals, Pagero’s service retrieves the files in the folder, add the seal Secure Envelope to them and then delivers them to Nordea.

The service can also remove the seal from reporting files before they are delivered to a designated folder on the company server.

With this solution, companies using Nordea can send their payment files 100% electronically to Nordea. If there is need to sign the file, this is handled as usual in Nordea’s Internet bank.

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