Pagero Invoice Audit

Streamline your  AP Automation  process by adding additional layers of validation to your supplier invoices before receiving them into your systems. With Pagero Invoice Audit, you can quickly and easily identify, verify and take action on any deviations.

Get a quick overview

Pagero Invoice Audit gives you an instant overview of all received invoices and identifies any deviations according to preset criteria, such as price lists, historical prices, specific suppliers, thresholds, summaries, general charges and discounts, and duplicates. You can click the highlighted invoices to see further details.

Easily verify deviations

You can then easily verify the deviations before taking action. It’s possible to review and categorize the deviations and assign invoices to queues or colleagues for review.

Take immediate action

As a final step, you can quickly and easily accept or reject the invoices, and if needed, send a message to the issuer about the reason for your action. You can also configure the tool for automatic acceptance of all correct invoices so that you can focus your efforts on the deviations.

Streamline AP Automation with Pagero

Reach a whole new level of efficiency and control over corporate spend with Pagero's AP Automation solution.

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Streamline supplier invoice approval with Pagero Invoice Audit

  • Take control over company spend and act on deviations – all in real-time.
  • Let the tool do the validations and spend your time doing other meaningful tasks.
  • Save money by identifying and rejecting inaccurate invoices with the click of a button.

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