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Munters chose Pagero for their multi-country e-invoicing and order management

Discover why Munters, a global leader in sustainable climate solutions, chose Pagero as their supplier for seamless e-invoicing and order management integration with their ERP-system IFS. Read the interview with Katarina Rhodin, Global Process Architect Finance at Munters,and gain invaluable insights into their success.

Why Pagero was the perfect choice for Munters

When it came to selecting a supplier for e-invoicing and order management, Munters had a clear vision. They needed a global partner with a solid local presence capable of supporting their operations in various countries across Europe. Future-proofing was also a top priority, necessitating a solution that handled e-invoices instead of relying on outdated scanning practices. Additionally, seamless integration with their ERP system, IFS, was crucial. Pagero emerged as the ideal candidate, meeting all the criteria.

2018 Munters became a customer, starting with the Accounts Payable process and gradually expanding to Account Receivables

Addressing invoice challenges with Pagero

Before starting with Pagero, Munters faced challenges with scanning-based invoice interpretation. They recognized the need for a superior solution. While some scanning issues persist, Munters emphasizes distinguishing between e-invoices and scanned invoices. True e-invoices in XML format offer enhanced accuracy and reliability.

Munters anticipates a brighter future as the adoption of e-invoices continues to grow, driven by initiatives like Peppol registration and the ViDA-initiative by the EU Commission.

It is important to stress that e-invoices are much more secure. You always know where you have the invoice. It won’t get lost somewhere.

Katarina Rhodin, GPA, Global Process Architect Finance, Munters


The seamless integration between Pagero and IFS

The partnership between Pagero and IFS proved pivotal for Munters. Ensuring compatibility with IFS was a primary consideration, and both Pagero and IFS have excelled in maintaining a seamless dialogue. To Munters' employees, distinguishing between IFS and Pagero has become a challenge in itself, as the technology works harmoniously. The future IFS 10 version holds promise for resolving existing issues, and with the rise of e-invoicing volumes through Peppol registration, Munters eagerly anticipates a reduction in scanning reliance.

Expanding horizons with Pagero in new markets and document types

With a global partner as a prerequisite, choosing Pagero for e-invoicing across different markets was a natural progression for Munters. Their goal is to maximize e-invoice adoption across all countries. Recognizing the need for a future-proof solution, Munters embarked on a project with Pagero for e-order management, replacing an outdated EDI system. Leveraging their positive experience with Pagero as a supplier, Munters also found confidence in extending their partnership to order management.

Anticipating savings and efficiency gains

The savings for Munters will materialize with the full implementation of IFS 10, reducing scanning and achieving full operational efficiency. However, Munters emphasizes that the security and reliability offered by e-invoices are invaluable. With a streamlined purchase confirmation process and enhanced workflow efficiency, Munters is poised for substantial savings. Establishing robust internal procedures is the key to paving the way for long-term financial benefits

Pick a safe and future-proof partner to provide and deliver a good flow. Setting the internal processes for a project like this is crucial.

Katarina Rhodin, GPA, Global Process Architect Finance, Munters


Ensuring security and control

Fraud prevention is a priority for Munters, and they have successfully implemented a purchase order requirement as a critical measure. New suppliers undergo thorough scrutiny by the Sourcing team, following a secure 4-eye principle. Before being added to IFS, suppliers must pass the verification process, ensuring invoices are accompanied by a valid PO number. Pagero further enhances security by validating against the "Svensk Handel" blacklist, enabling Munters to detect potential fraud swiftly. Munters firmly believes that e-invoices provide superior protection and control compared to paper invoices.

Advice for those new to e-invoicing: Learn from Munters' experience

Choosing a secure and future-proof partner is paramount to ensure a seamless flow of invoices. Additionally, investing time in establishing robust internal processes is crucial for success. The advantages of e-invoicing are numerous, including improved control over invoice flow compared to traditional paper invoices. Munters also highlight the importance of making preliminary bookings upon invoice receipt, facilitating better financial oversight and organization. 

Let Munters' journey inspire you as you embark on your own e-invoicing adventure!


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About Munters

Munters is a global leader in innovative, energy-efficient and sustainable climate solutions for mission-critical processes. They have defined the future of air treatment since 1955. Many of the patents are in the areas of dehumidification and evaporative cooling – two of their core technologies. Sustainability is at the heart of their business and an important part of the strategy.

Munters is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. 

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