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Primula saves time and makes easier and more secure payments with Pagero e-banking

Primula, a Swedish real estate company, dealt with several payment flows from multiple banks, resulting in inefficient and time-consuming manual processes. Thanks to their previous experience with Pagero E-banking, Primula knew that Pagero had the solution they needed.

Time-consuming and manual processes

Pagero interviewed Lena Blomberg, Accounting Manager at Primula, to find out what challenges they had in the past and how Pagero's e-banking solution has helped them become more efficient.

Why did you choose Pagero?

We wanted to change the way cash management for each company was handled. To avoid too many files to send back and forth, we ensured that almost all subsidiaries' rent payments and supplier payments went from Primula and were then handled via the settlement function in our ERP system Vitec. But this also meant that all manual payments we paid for the subsidiaries, whether loans or VAT and taxes, had to be made via Primula because they did not have their own accounts. Then it had to be manually booked at two companies. It took a lot of work.

The condition was that we could send everything in one file and receive one file.
Some of us have used Pagero E-banking before, so it didn't take much market research or thinking; we knew that Pagero had the solution we needed. It was that simple when we chose Pagero!

We have saved about 3-4 weeks of effective working time annually by handling our bank files with Pagero

Lena Blomberg, Accounting manager, Primula


Easier and more secure handling of payment files

What is the difference between before you switched to Pagero and today?

Above all, we have reduced the amount of time spent on sending/receiving bank files with Pagero. Through a quick calculation, we have saved about 3-4 weeks of effective working time annually by handling our bank files with Pagero. This does not include the manual accounting orders and reconciliation work that Pagero's solution has also facilitated. A time that we can spend on more important things in our process.

Do you have any advice for other customers who want to automate their payment flow?

Do it. Every hour a company spends on a manual process has a price tag, and no system is more expensive than an employee.

Has Pagero helped you in the transition to ISO20022?

We have the support and get the updates and information we need. We have the situation under control.

What are the main benefits of the Pagero e-banking solution?

The most significant advantage of using Pagero is that we have saved a considerable amount of time that we previously had to spend on manual work. In addition, our solution today with Pagero is both simpler and more secure. We have reduced our error management by gathering everything in the same place and gaining a clear overview and improved traceability of our bank files," concludes Lena Blomberg.

Inspired by Primula?

With a connection to the Pagero network, you can access all your banks, manage payments, create an audit trail and get financial forecasts through a single interface. Pagero E-banking gives you control and visibility over business accounts and events while meeting local requirements such as SEPA and conversion to and from ISO20022.

Contact us to see how the Pagero e-banking service can help you streamline your payment processes.

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About Primula

Primula Byggnads AB started in 1989 with the ambition to carry on a good builder's tradition; to own, refine and lease properties in the long term. Such ownership means long-term responsibility. It requires knowledge and care in the choice of property and reflection on issues related to rebuilding and renovation. Therefore, Primula only acquires houses with good basic quality in location and architecture. They carry out all rebuildings and renovations with great care, and always under their management with their own staff. In this way, they build up a property portfolio of good quality and with high utility values for their tenants.

Primula has about 100 employees, and the property portfolio consists of about 280,000 square meters spread over 63 properties, with approximately 3,550 homes and 250 premises. All properties are located in the municipality of Stockholm.

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