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RO-Gruppen and Pagero: Making time to build a better world

Construction company RO-Gruppen has a vision to make the world a better place, starting from inside their own walls. For this small business gone large, the inner workings of the company remain top priority. Satisfied employees and customers stem from efficient internal processes, and that’s where Pagero’s Payment Auto Connect service provided a solution: saving RO-Gruppen time that can now be dedicated to company growth.

Efficiency is key

Before their partnership with Pagero, RO-Gruppen had time-consuming payment processes. With the need for individually signed files and downloaded payments for each customer, they knew there was a better way for their work procedures. Repeated logins, uploads and clicks were all missed opportunities to be putting effort toward their greater vision.

“Our challenge was very tedious processes – the same steps over and over again for each company,” explains Marie Orreving, Chief Accountant at RO-gruppen. “Other companies and even our bank recommended Pagero’s service for connecting to internet banking. After a good meeting with an attentive and receptive sales representative from the company, we chose to work with them.”

Every minute counts

“Beyond smoother operations and automated processes, the main benefits of working with Pagero are time, time and time!” says Orreving.

The seven hours per week spent sending supplier and customer reports, creating and uploading payment files, and attending to internet banking tasks has been cut by more than half since introducing Payment Auto Connect. That time is now used to focus on strategy, transformation projects, and general professional development.

Our challenge was very tedious processes – the same steps over and over again for each company.

Marie Orreving, Chief Accountant , RO-Gruppen


“We see substantial time savings when viewing the long-term impact. Perhaps it does not seem to be that much when looking at an individual week, but it amounts to hundreds of hours across the whole year,” Orreving states.

Orreving also has advice for other companies looking to automate their payment flows: “Pagero suggests you start by mapping your internal processes to determine where your time is being used inefficiently. Of course, this depends on the company structure and the size of the flows. Once you figure out what’s slowing down the process, Pagero helps find the best solution to begin facilitating your business processes.”

Continued support and improvement

“We feel our initial expectations of streamlining payment processes and obtaining more efficient payment flow have been achieved with Pagero Payment Auto Connect,” comments Orreving.

The company says that the success of the project is in great part thanks to close dialogue with Pagero Sales and Support. “Good support is important to us as a customer, that we are understood and listened to,” says Orreving. When asked to describe the relationship in general? “Responsiveness – we have had a dialogue and we have trust in each other.”

Beyond smoother operations and automated processes, the main benefits of working with Pagero are time, time and time!

Marie Orreving, Chief Accountant , RO-Gruppen


Just the beginning

Even though the implementation of Pagero Payment Auto Connect is complete, the communication between the companies continues as they work together on future developments.

“Through open conversation and Pagero’s willingness to explore additional features and functionality, our companies have created a beneficial partnership that will continue to evolve in the future,” Orreving concludes.


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About RO-Gruppen

RO-Gruppen’s vision is clear: to build a better world. Since being founded in 1982, the company has grown from a small family company in Borås into an established construction partner that spans across Scandinavia. Find out more about RO-Gruppen.

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