Regulatory updates - Lithuania

Get the latest news and updates on e-invoicing, e-ordering, e-archiving and indirect tax regulatory requirements.

Get the latest news and updates on e-invoicing, e-ordering, e-archiving and indirect tax regulatory requirements for Lithuania.
June 20 2024

NBFC adds a phased transition timeline to the new SABIS portal

NBFC announced a two-month phased transition period for the migration to the SABIS portal between 1 July and 31 August 2024, changing the previous statement of no transition. Additionally, all invoices based on verbal contracts, regardless of their amount, should be submitted to the SABIS portal from 1 January 2025.

May 31 2024

Lithuania is replacing E. sąskaita with the SABIS platform for B2G e-invoicing

As of 1 July 2024, all invoices to public entities and other contracting organisations must be submitted through SABIS (General Account Administration Information System), which replaces the E. sąskaita platform.

November 29 2022

Lithuanian government calls for developing an e-invoicing solution

Expected to be implemented next year, the electronic invoice exchange platform will support the European standard for e-invoices and comply with Peppol requirements.

February 6 2019

Lithuania will enable Peppol in 2019

On April 18th, 2019, Lithuania will launch an e-invoicing module for the new national e-invoice standard, which will enable contracting authorities and entities to receive and process EN (European Norm) compatible electronic invoices.

Country Specifications

E-Invoicing/CTC Model:

-B2G: Centralized/ Peppol

-B2B: Post-Audit

Mandatory Infrastructure:

– B2G: eSaskaita / Peppol

- B2G From 1 July 2024: SABIS / Peppol

– B2B: N/A

Mandatory Format:

– B2G: UBL 2.1 LT, Peppol BIS

- B2G: From 1 July 2024, Peppol Bis Billing 3.0, Peppol BIS Billing CII Invoice


– B2B: N/A

Mandatory for Issuing:

– B2G: Suppliers to all public sector entities and procuring organizations

– B2B: no explicit requirements

Mandatory for Receiving:

– B2G: Public sector entities and procuring organizations

– B2B: Buyer’s consent required


– B2G: Required

– B2B: Optional

Archiving Period:

10 years

Archiving Abroad:

Allowed under conditions

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