Access the Peppol network with Pagero

Whether you are a private business or a public organisation, Peppol is your gateway to fast, secure, borderless trade. Connect today with Pagero, a trusted Peppol-certified Service Provider.

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Peppol Singapore

Peppol Service Provider and more

Pagero is accredited and approved by local Peppol Authorities for traffic in all Peppol regions. As a Pagero customer, you will be able to communicate with any trading partner connected to Peppol’s eDelivery Network, convert documents to Peppol’s format, and send or receive documents to and from all your trading partners. Furthermore, Pagero gives you the following benefits:

5 things to consider before selecting a Peppol provider

Choosing your Peppol Service Provider

5 crucial factors to keep in mind – watch our webinar to find out!

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Shaping the future of Peppol

Pagero is an active member of OpenPeppol — a strong and influential interest group responsible for the governance and maintenance of Peppol. The organisation has over 380 members from the public and private sectors in over 30 countries.

We are represented in the following working groups:

  • OpenPeppol Transport Infrastructure Coordinating Community (TICC)

  • Post-Award Coordinating Community (PoACC)

  • Peppol International invoice Work Group

  • Peppol CTC Project Work Group