Start sending e-invoices to Aibel AS

Below you will find more information about how to send e-invoices to Aibel AS.

Add Aibel AS to your customer directory in Pagero Online.

Contact your service provider to order routing.
Add Aibel AS as a reciever in your ERP-system and/or your access point.
If you are interested in a more automated solution, please contact Pagero for more information about their different e-invoice services. Send your contact details to them via the link to the left on this page (enter project code AIBEL) and they will contact you, or call Pagero Contact Center at +46-31 730 88 30.

Automated return of invoice

Aibel have implemented validation rules on the Pagero Online Network that checks if the e-invoice sent from a supplier have a valid invoice reference format. Any invoice that fails to comply with the mandatory invoice reference format listed below will automatically be stopped on the Pagero Online network.

For this reason the suppliers need to pay extra attention to what field they use for populating the invoice reference and that this is within the valid format.

Valid invoice reference formats

Please make sure that only one (1) of the invoice reference xml fields contains data at header level and that correct xml field is used as this is important info that is used by the automated Workflow processes in Aibel AS SAP system.


  • Purchase Order numbers (ten digits) starting with “44xxxxxxxx” or “45xxxxxxxx”
  • Reference “ZCAT7” for the hired-in Purchase Order (payment certificate)

Use EHF xml field: Invoice/cac:OrderReference/cbc:ID
Use E2B xml field: e2b:InvoiceHeader/e2b:InvoiceReferences/e2b:BuyersOrderNumber


  • SAP project numbers/WBS (six digits) “xxxxxx”
  • SAP cost centers (seven digits) “xxxxxxx”
  • Reference “ZM” for the hired-in non-PO invoices (payment certificate)

Use EHF xml field: Invoice/cac:AccountingCustomerParty/cac:Party/cac:Contact/cbc:ID
Use E2B xml field: e2b:InvoiceHeader/e2b:InvoiceReferences/e2b:BuyersProjectCode

Name is not a valid invoice reference in itself but can be used in addition to one of the valid references above.

Use EHF xml field: Invoice/cac:AccountingCustomerParty/cac:Party/cac:Contact/cbc:Name
Use E2B xml field: e2b:InvoiceHeader/e2b:Buyer/e2b:ContactPerson/e2b:Name

Please note that Aibel AS does not need/want any additional paper/email versions of invoices already delivered as e-invoices.

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