E-invoicing in the UAE

Prepare your business for seamless compliance with the UAE's CTC e-invoicing mandate by connecting your business to Pagero’s smart open network.

Mandatory e-invoicing on the horizon in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates is in the midst of implementing several measures to advance the digitalization of its economy. A key component is the introduction of e-invoicing, which lays the foundation for automating tax filing processes and real-time economic insights. The UAE Ministry of Finance (MoF) has named this project the E-Billing System and chosen a CTC approach based on the Peppol CTC model. With gradual implementation set to begin December 2025, it is important for businesses in the UAE to start their preparations early and ensure their readiness for the upcoming requirements. As a Peppol-certified e-invoicing provider, Pagero can help you become and remain compliant, even as regulations evolve. 

Important dates

April 2025

E-invoice legislation to be released, establishing the 5-corner model

December 2025

Initiation of the pilot phase

July 2026

Phase 1 Go-live of B2B and B2G e-invoicing

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Streamline your operations in the UAE with Pagero

Pagero's cloud-based solution simplifies purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash workflows by connecting businesses worldwide and integrating compliance requirements directly into document transactions. As a leading Peppol service provider, Pagero holds accreditation and approval from relevant authorities for transactions across all Peppol regions. Furthermore, we are the first 5-corner-ready global Peppol provider. Our services extend well beyond the standard offerings of an access point provider, ensuring comprehensive support for your business's needs. Reach out to us to secure the tools your business requires for continuous compliance in the UAE and in over 75 countries around the globe.

The advantages of Pagero’s e-invoicing solutions

Open network

Connect to all your partners from any ERP system, regardless of their systems and digital capabilities


Exchange encrypted and secure e-documents with all your public and private trade partners

Local expertise

We offer local expertise combined with global reach to ensure easy and borderless trade


Your transactions will always fulfil archiving, timestamping, tax reporting and VAT requirements

Our UAE solution provides:

  • Quick implementation and support for any end-user formats.
  • Real-time issuance, exchange and receipt of UAE PINT over the Peppol Network.
  • Real-time creation and provision of tax reports to the FTA (Federal Tax Authority).
  • Support for other supply chain e-documents beyond invoices.
  • A fully integrated solution and/or manual portal, depending on the needs of your business.

Regulatory Forecast 2024

Learn more about upcoming shifts in e-invoicing, VAT and CTC requirements in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) member states and globally with our 2024 regulatory forecast.

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FAQs about e-invoicing in the UAE

Comply with UAE e-invoicing regulations

Streamline your business processes and enhance operational efficiency while complying with all the standards of the UAE's E-Billing System.
  • Prepare ahead of time for electronic invoicing in the UAE
  • Comply locally in the UAE and worldwide
  • Connect to an open, global business network

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