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Primelog TMS

Transportation Management System

  • Reduce logistics spend

  • Increase data quality

  • Supporting new contracts
  • Visualise your transports

  • Manage risk by using simulations

  • Control your freight business

Increase control of your supply chains

Primelog TMS gives you increased monetary and operational control, visibility and flexibility in transport operations. Primelog TMS has powerful functions and process support that monitor, analyse, integrate and control your freights, however complex or globally dispersed they are.

Primelog TMS enables you to be proactive and to actively manage your flows – both the physical flow of goods and the flow of financial transactions – as well as assuring that the logistic services you offer your customers are competitive and a decisive factor in the decision-making process.

Cut logistics costs

Primelog TMS delivers cost reductions. Customers can save an average of 10% of their logistics costs, thanks to lower transportation costs, streamlined processes, better decision support and less manual effort.

  • Control – better invoice control and centralised information on shipments, costs and contracts, as well as the opportunity for advanced analysis and simulation.

  • Efficiency – automated booking, follow-up and auditing, plus optimisation of transport selection.

  • Knowledge – better analysis and decision support, as well as detailed predefined emission reports.

Fast return on investment

Our customers demand ROI in less than a year. We live up to these objectives by delivering a standard product that is ready to connect to transport companies and ERP systems. Thanks to this and a well-established project methodology, we get our customers up and running quickly.

Primelog TMS is delivered as a SaaS solution, which means that we take responsibility for hardware, integrations, functionality and the data that is processed in your Primelog service. This gives you the flexibility to optimise your logistics process without being limited by your IT structure.

A SaaS solution also makes it easy for you to focus on your core business while we take care of the flow of information and the IT infrastructure, with a focus on high availability and high data quality.

A modular TMS

Primelog TMS is a Transport Management System with focus on financial control and designed for transportation buyers and sellers with complex global flows. Primelog TMS takes care of everything from multi-modal freight allocation, operative transport administration, freight cost and revenue control and analytics.

The service is world-leading in handling the accompanying flow of financial transactions, which gives you full control. Regardless of whether you purchase freight services for yourself or price and sell them to others, Primelog TMS supports the complex rate structures that are common in this industry.

The modular architecture, the scalable multi-tenant SaaS platform, and usage-based pricing let you grow with Primelog TMS as your own business develops.

  • Superior cost control functionality

  • Advanced analytics capabilities

  • Multi-leg multi-mode logistics operations support

Control of information quality is extremely business critical for us, as decisions based on inaccurate information will likely lead to devastating consequences for us. The solution that Primelog helped us to develop is equipped with a number of predetermined quality controls to filter out inaccuracies and ensure that we can feel secure.



Primelog helped Ericsson develop a sophisticated system to control information quality.



SSAB optimises their P2P process with Primelog and TenderEasy.



Elektroskandia got full control over transport costs with Primelog Freight Spend Management.

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