Pagero has been awarded a place on the RM3784 Framework by Crown Commercial Service (CCS) in the UK to provide PEPPOL Access Point Services to the NHS. CCS acts on behalf of the Crown to drive savings for the taxpayer and improve the quality of commercial and procurement activity.

PEPPOL is a network infrastructure created as part of an EU project in 2008, aiming to ease the adoption of e-commerce between public bodies and their suppliers. E-commerce implementation is seen as one of the core strategies in helping public sector bodies manage their decreasing budgets without impacting frontline services.

PEPPOL was adopted by NHS as a result of the eProcurement Strategy, published by the Department of Health in May 2014, mandating all NHS Trusts and their suppliers to use PEPPOL and GS1 standards. The introduction of PEPPOL will minimise some of the commercial and technological barriers associated with e-commerce implementation, meaning that all suppliers and public sector bodies in the UK will be able to share the benefits of electronic trading to drive transparency and safety whilst reducing back office costs.

“Pagero has been a PEPPOL Access Point since it was first implemented by the Norwegian government in 2012, where we were also appointed best-practice Access Point”, says Anna Micklewright, Global Head of Sales Healthcare, Pagero UK Ltd. “While also being an active member of OpenPEPPOL’s coordinating communities and workgroups, we see ourselves as PEPPOL experts. Being awarded this framework by CCS is an important step for us in expanding our reach together with PEPPOL and it gives NHS Trusts and their suppliers a reliable partner to entrust with PEPPOL compliance.”

NHS eProcurement strategy

Pagero and PEPPOL

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